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About The Trust

The Cameron Wilson Trust was set up by Cam's godfather David Griffiths to create a vehicle that would not only preserve Cam's memory, but would make a difference to families of NZ child cancer patients. He had no idea or preconception of where the TRUST might lead. David himself was a cancer patient, having been diagnosed with leukaemia in the year 2000. Between his own treatment & Cam's, he had seen at first hand the emotional, physical, and financial dislocation that cancer has on the day to day lives of families.


The TRUST is specific in it's Statement of Purpose:


'To provide financial assistance to help meet the day to day expenses of individual NZ families with children suffering from cancer'.

  • The TRUSTEES are Cam's parents, Nigel & Liz, and David & his wife Janet.

  • The Trust is independent and Zero Cost 

  • 100% of funds received are distributed.

  • The TRUST has established a very successful niche in Child Cancer Support in NZ

  • The system of distribution is extremely simple.

  • Every family in New Zealand that presents a child cancer patient is offered a cash distribution immediately from the trust.

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