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Our Support

Financial Support as Standard Distributions


 Every family in NZ with a Child Cancer patient presenting to the two Paediatric Oncology Units (Starship in Auckland, and CHOC in Christchurch) are offered a one-off standard cash distribution that is made as an immediate, non-queried direct credit payment into the nominated Bank Account of the child's Principal Caregiver for use as they think fit.


Special Distributions


 The TRUST has not wished to enter into specific 'hardship' distributions as such, but every now and again (three to five each year) it receives a request from the Social Workers at the two Units for a 'SPECIAL' distribution to assist families as the last 'port of call' in unusual financial situations. The Trust responds positively to the judgement of the experienced Social Workers with whom the Trustees maintain a close dialogue.


A couple of examples of the 'Specials' are:


A Southland family who had been 9 months at Starship with a bone marrow transplant and subsequent financial difficulties who used the 'Special' to completely restock their empty larder & freezer.


The young teenage Christchurch patient who was too ill to travel by car to visit her unwell Grandmother in Nelson with whom she was very close so the Trust paid the airfares for her mother & herself.


Moral Support


Over the last 12 years that the TRUST has been operating, it has been established by the Social Workers, together with some of the 'thank you' letters we receive, that there are a significant number of families that find emotional support from the Trust's offer.


At the traumatic time of presentation and dislocation, the simplicity and transparency of the immediate support is having a psychological effect 'someone is there that  understands the circumstances they now find themselves in'. This 'emotional support' effect is not something that the Trustees ever envisaged but the fact that it is happening is a wonderful tribute to Cam's memory.


Some excerpts from thank you letters...
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