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Some excerpts from thank you letters...

"At the time of diagnosis we were in complete shock. Your gift provided us with some much needed financial assistance and was also our first experience of the kindness and generosity of strangers."


 " The Cameron Wilson Trust was a great surprise and help at the start of our cancer journey, and it helped at a time where we were not at all prepared."

 "Hey guys, I don't know if we ever thanked you or let you know how thankful we were for your financial assistance! We lived in Starship with our son who has just turned 3... your support made a difference and touched our hearts."


 "Our 4 year old son is a HUGE rugby fan and the money was used to buy him a crusader's jersey and a rugby ball which have become his prized possessions and brought a smile to his face during this difficult time, thank you again for your

 generosity and understanding."


 "I want to write a quick note to express our sincere gratitude for the incredibly kind deposit from the Trust for our wee girl who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour... I wanted to express how much we appreciate the support from the

            Cameron Wilson Trust. I have loved reading about Cameron, what an exceptional kid. I know this journey will change our lives a huge amount, but already I feel our lives are immeasurably richer for the people we have met and the experiences we have had as a family since ...'s diagnosis."


" Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing gesture of $300. Such an unexpected act of kindness. We are currently at CHOC and I have been reading up on your Trust. Heartfelt thanks for your generosity."


 "My wife and I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the trust. Our 3 year old son has been diagnosed with leukaemia needless to say this has turned our world upside down. When our social worker informed us of your trust and your generosity, it was       like a godsend. After reading about Cameron's story it brought us to tears. Words cannot express how much learning about your trust has helped us, not just financially but emotionally... Our journey has just begun.... Thank you so much."


"It is difficult to put into words, but your act of kindness made me feel cared for and gave me strength knowing there was a community of support behind us."


From a social worker's request form > "This wee guy lost a parent in the earthquake so it's been a pretty rough road for them. They are really thankful to the Trust."


From a social worker's request form > "We have a new family that would like to access the Trust with a MASSIVE thank you, they are overwhelmed at your generosity."


 "....Again, a huge thank you from myself and my  family and may Cameron's Trust continue to bring comfort to families and as we also acknowledge the joy that Cameron will always be in our hearts."


 "Taking the time to think of us was a very nice thing to do. Your kindness came when we needed it the most."

"..It was a wonderful gift at a harrowing time and we greatly appreciated the gesture."

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Our daughter was diagnosed with liver cancer yesterday, we know that it is going to take an army to get us through so we appreciated your generosity so much."

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